A Friend in Need, Inc.
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A Friend in Need, Inc.
Looking after orphans, widows and those who cannot speak up for themselves both locally and globally by helping to provide five basic rights: food, shelter, clean water, health care and education through community fundraisers, research and advocacy.



The global food crisis is causing a child to die every 7 seconds. ~World Vision.org
McDonald's serves nearly 50 Million people worldwide each day. Three times that number of children go hungry every day.  ~ World Vision.org
In sub-Saharan Africa, 30 percent of the population is undernourished.  ~FAP State of Food Insecurity 2010
Worldwide, the poor spend up to 75 percent of their income on food, compare that to the average american who spends less than 10 percent of disposable income on food.  ~ The World Bank, World Development indicators 2011; USDA, Economic Research Service
One out of every four children in developing countries is underweight. ~ World Food Program, 2011
925 Million people go hungry on a daily basis, that's more than the population of North America & South America COMBINED!

Right now, children are receiving a meal at our Swaziland Care Center, much like the children in this feeding program we sponsored in Zambia.
$30/month will provide food to a hungry child at our Swaziland Care Center. 
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P.O. Box 2226, Kenosha, WI 53141-2226
(262) 496-6767